Welcome to Pogwatch

Pogwatch is for people interested in developing websites using MODx, the world's best content management framework. (2012: MODX Evolution, that is)

The site already contains a whole section illustrating the Ditto snippet, the standard means for listing news items, blog posts, catalogues and more. It will be expanding to cover other MODx elements, including those installed as standard, extras developed by other authors, and my own code for PubKit, a MODx front-end publishing system.

Previously, you would have landed on the Ditto section whenever you arrived at Pogwatch. I have now launched the Blog section, and along with it, this Home page and the main menu. The blog is based on PubKit code for creating, modifying and managing items. Details of how it works will be published in the Code section, and downloads will be made available through the MODx forums.

Pogwatch draws on my experience in rewriting a site to use MODx instead of a custom-built CMS based on PHP and XML. Part of that experience was the all-too-familiar hunt for documentation and examples, which far too often ends in frustration. This is my attempt to clarify the available information and expand on it.

I'm not a professional programmer, though I've built and programmed computers since 1976, and try to code to professional standards. I'm only just getting into site-building as a business, but I've run personal and hobby sites for over ten years. If there are errors and misconceptions, or if the attempt to explain leaves you more confused than before, please tell me about it, and I'll try to improve things.

Keith Penton (kp52) July 2009