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ClipperCMS launched

02 Aug 13 ,

ClipperCMS 1.2 is here!

ClipperCMS, a lightweight, fast and flexible PHP CMS, is out, and it's good!

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Current developments

10 Dec 12 ,

Import-Export CSV modules for MODX Evo

Last week I published my latest MODX Evolution Extra, called ImportExportCSV, two modules for exporting and importing documents using a CSV file.

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Hazards of multilingualism

16 Jan 12 , ,

Sometimes it doesn't help to speak another language

One of my New Year resolutions was to improve my password policy, so I've polished up a routine I have been using for a while that lets me have passwords for different sites that differ from each other according to a regular system.So far, so good, until I tried to log in to Google with my new password, and failed miserably.

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