PubKit E1.0 released

30 Nov 2011 MODx

So here we are. I said November, and I just made it, with 30 minutes to spare. PubKit E1.0 for MODX Evolution is now available from this site. It will be submitted to the Now available from MODX Extras very soon, as well. (updated 7 Dec)

I have updated most of the documentation, and will try to improve it in the course of time. As always, writing up detailed documentation has brought to life some inconsistencies and a few mysteries. Nevertheless, I believe that with the sample mini-site alongside the descriptions of the files, a capable developer should be able to make good use of this addon.

Most likely future developments are classes to handle messages and photo galleries. I have already used these on my own sites, but need to tidy a few things up before offering them to the great MODX public.

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