Ditto 2.1 parameters and usage

Ditto is the standard MODx tool for aggregation; it lists sets of documents and generates links to them. It can be used in news pages, blogs, catalogues and more. Ditto 2.1 is installed as standard with MODx

This part of Pogwatch attempts to bring Ditto documentation up to date with version 2.1. Bill Fernandez (Myfriendscallmebill in the forums) did an excellent roundup for version 2.0.1, but important elements have changed since then. The articles below and the example pages are intended to explain and illustrate the use of Ditto 2.1 features for selecting and displaying dates, sorting, source selection and filtering, and use of external configuration files. I'll mention the obsolescent parameters along the way, but I really feel that their continued use in new applications serves only to confuse, and should be discouraged.

The sample items have been generated using a snippet to extract paragraphs from dummy text generated by the lipsum.com site. They have a title (which includes the document ID), an introtext field drawn from the item, a random createdon date and a custom date in a template variable called pkDate.

Keith Penton (kp52)

May 2009