Front-end document management with PubKit

PubKit is a tool for front-end creation and management of web pages based on MODx Evolution resources and custom tables. With it, you can create blogs, news pages, events listings and specialized items using custom database tables. Examples of specialized items in the package are an orchestra and a committee.

Elements of PubKit have also been used to create a guestbook, an enquiry form and a photo gallery (to be published later).

PubKit supersedes PubKitBlog. It caters for a wider variety of item types, and allows you to create new ones without changing core code. Item types are defined in PHP classes. Unlike PubKitBlog, with PubKit you can use any standard document field in your items, and you can update any document field (including the "published" field) or template variable independently of other actions on the item.

Major features in PubKit E1.0 compared with earlier vesrions include:

In these pages you will find full listings of the files and other resources in the sample PubKit application that can be installed from the distribution package. You can get a good view of how things work, and adapt these reosurces to your needs.

Please note this is beta software. Feel free to give me some feedback (preferably via MODx forums).

Download the latest version of PubKit (E1.0 30 Nov 2011)
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